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And she shall be called.... [Jul. 18th, 2006|10:45 pm]
Francesca Lenore :)

Francesca will likely be shortened to a nickname (I'm fond of 'Cesca) but that's her full name. :D

http://luna.moonstar.com/~steph/albums/baby2/pics/month1/ for pics
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2006|09:18 am]
I'm proud to announce that our baby girl is here!

Waterborn at home at 8:06pm on Friday July 14
7 lbs., 6 oz
21.5" long
13.5" head circumference

:D Yes it was a lonnnnng labour, but it was so worth it. She's absolutely perfect. Adia is loving her, as long as Mommy or Daddy is holding baby -- she's not so sure when Grandma does it.

Pictures will come later, as will a name. Midwife will be back tomorrow to check us and fill out birth certificate, so it'll be then by the latest. ;)
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Not all prodromal it seems.. [Jul. 12th, 2006|09:53 pm]
So it looks like last night's labour was at least somewhat productive. I'm not sure exactly how far apart the contractions were, but they started in my lower back and radiated around to my belly. They mostly stayed below my belly button, although I did have one or two of the all-front ones.

I got up around 3am after getting Adia settled back to sleep, because I was STARVING. My uterus and back were sore, so I assume I contracted through those 1.5-2 hours of sleep. I made a bowl of scrambled eggs (praying through contractions that the eggs wouldn't burn while I swayed in labour-land.) I was up until 5-ish when I passed back out again in bed. (Not pass-out pass-out, but was so tired I couldn't be bothered to stay awake through contractions.) I slept in until after 8. When I got up, NOTHING was going on. I swear it felt like I'd imagined it all.

I checked myself, and my cervix is super-short and fairly dilated. I've also been losing bloody mucus plug all day! The contractions started again around 5:45 or so, and they've been really sporadic since then, but the plug-loss has increased. I'm predicting I'll go before my next appointment on Sunday. The whole birth team has been alerted, so they're good to go.
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(no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2006|10:48 pm]
Prodromal ("false") labour is fun. It's all backaches and pelvis-aches, but with no real pattern. I've been quite Braxton-Hicksy today, so I guess I'm gearing up for something. ('Bout time, eh?)
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40w6d - New prescription [Jul. 10th, 2006|08:48 pm]

BP: 118/86 (bit on the high side..)
Weight: 186 (+1 from last week, 46 total)
FH: 37cm (same as last week)
FHT: 150bpm
Urine: Mostly clear! Just a trace of blood

I had a good reassuring appointment today, and now I have a new "prescription" for the next two weeks. RELAX! ;) Peggy can attend me until 43 weeks (or later, but she said it's iffy after 43w) which really helped calm me. I thought I was on a much tighter deadline, but as long as baby and I are fine, it's a-ok!

We had the appointment in her hubby's office today, which had no curtains on the doors, so no internal exam. I'm pretty sure from my own checking that nothing's changed up there. My cervix is still somewhere in the vicinity of my throat, and while it's a bit dilated, I'm pretty sure it's still not much more than fingertip.

My options as far as natural induction were mostly with things I'm not comfortable using (castor oil, blue & black cohosh), and Peggy didn't push it at all. She said it's my body, so it's totally up to me and she understood not wanting to use the cohoshes in a VBAC. She did, however, send me home with a full kit and a half of homeopathic remedies. She said I could use the physical-type ones (which are the cohoshes, but not in the straight herbal form -- I'm okay with that :) or I could start with the emotional ones. I'm leaning towards the emotional ones first, because I can see where my anxiety may be making things a little difficult. For example, I can feel baby scooting her way into my pelvis sometimes, but it's only when I'm laying in the bed in the middle of the night. I figure that's probably when I'm the most relaxed. Unfortunately, the remedy that I think would be most useful isn't in there, so I'm looking to order that online. Interestingly enough, I just borrowed an entire book on homeopathy and pregnancy/childbirth/babies from a friend the other week. Also on the okay list for relaxing is a glass of wine in the evening, if I so desire.

Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong, so she's doing great in there! She still has a lot of room to move around in there, evidenced by the fact that she did a total 180 in my belly overnight. Since I'm still measuring the same as last week, she's not growing super-huge and she's still dipping down a little. My poor belly was SO sore when Peggy was palpating, though. She also said that the fluid levels felt good.

I've started reading Silent Knife since I figure I have a little more time to go. Seeing actual hard numbers about VBAC success rates and the increase in Cesareans in general has really helped me feel better about my chances for a VBAC.

I'm off to "relax" some more now! :) (No, no wine.. just hanging out and maybe playing some video games with Charles. My darling one on the outside decided to go to bed at 8:00 tonight, so I get plenty of "me time" this evening.)
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Pregnancy tickers [Jul. 5th, 2006|04:06 pm]
Now all of my little pregnancy countdown tickers are making me cranky. (Like that's hard these days. ;P)

And for an Adia cutie:

Yesterday Charles was playing a video game, and at one point the character went through some snow. The following conversation took place:

Adia: Snow!
Charles: Yeah, snow! Do you like snow?
A: Yeah!
C: When is it going to snow?
A: The baby comes
Me: (under my breath) You are so lucky you share my DNA right now, kiddo
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40w1d Midwife appt - still pregnant [Jul. 5th, 2006|09:34 am]
Stats first:

BP: 128/76 (I think.. I know it was a little high)
Weight: 185 (+7 from last week.. not sure how that happened!)
FH: 37cm
FHT: 150bpm
Urine: Red and white blood cells, so we sent culture #3

This appointment was in the afternoon, so Charles, Adia, and I got to have a nice lunch together and went window shopping at Target beforehand. :) We found out that Target carries the carseat that we will swap with Adia's when we move the baby into hers. (The one we'll be getting is too big to rearface in our car easily, and it's more suited to a bigger kiddo anyway.) I almost bought a cute little July 4th onesie for Baby Firecracker, but I realized that she most likely wouldn't be making her due date. (And indeed, I was correct!)

At the appointment we talked about a couple of minor questions we had. I've been given the go-ahead to start some very minor natural "induction" type things.

I told her about the contractions, nesting, and mucus plug I lost on Saturday. She said those were all good signs, even if they weren't "it." I agreed, and I said I'd thought baby had dropped, but that she'd somehow popped back out again.

When I gave my urine sample, it came back with a lot of blood in it. There was still only a trace of white blood cells. She offered to send another culture out, and I agreed just in case. Hopefully I'll find out today or tomorrow, since my only chance to see the doctor before Monday is to sit in the waiting room for a few hours with Adia and hope for a walk-in appointment on Friday. Let's hope it's just blood from my cervix, which is what Peggy said it could be. I'm not really having any symptoms other than peeing a lot, and since I'm 9 months pregnant, I think that could pretty much go either way!

She measured me, and we listened to baby's heartbeat. (Honestly, I'm not as excited by that as I should be, I don't think. Mostly because I'd rather she be on the outside! I do feel a little guilty for it, though.) I've grown a cm in the last week, which is what I'm supposed to do, although I'm still measuring 3 weeks "behind." From palpating, baby was on the left side (I think? She still flips back and forth a lot -- she was on my right side when I went to bed last night and on my left when I woke up this morning.) Baby's head is still just dipping under the pubic bone. Peggy guesstimated her weight as being around 8 lbs.

Then she offered to do an internal exam. I'd agonized over it on the way up, since I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything. I decided to go for it. I'm maybe fingertip dilated and hardly effaced. Baby is still high. *sigh* But, again, I know it doesn't mean anything, especially with a second baby. I'm also treating this as a "first pregnancy" and assuming I'll go to the first-time average of 41w1d at least. And it helps to remember that even though Adia came before her due date, she may not have been ready. (With the water breaking and no progress and all.)

Also in the exam, I found out that the garlic has not been working, at least for yeast. (Well, beyond keeping it just enough at bay that it hasn't been bothering me.) That means I've had to switch to pharmaceutical interventions. I really didn't want to have to do it, but the point that I'll be much more comfortable after I give birth if I do it now.

I am very anxious to meet our baby, although I'm strangely calm about the idea that it could be another 13 days. (It actually makes me a little more nervous to think about it in terms of "it'll be sometime in the next 13 days FOR SURE.") I'm also looking forward to figuring out what her name is -- I am totally stumped right now! There's one that I really like, but Charles isn't keen on, so we'll see how she looks before "discussing" it. ;)

Next appointment is Monday July 10 at 11am. I imagine I'll make it until then, especially as EVERYONE seems to want this little girl to have a birthday of 7-11. Wouldn't that be convenient? (Har-har) That's also the date of the next full moon, so who knows?!
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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2006|01:11 pm]
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39w5d Frustration [Jul. 2nd, 2006|05:37 am]
I thought I had something going on yesterday evening. I lost a little (greenish) mucus plug, was having 6-8 min contractions, and I'd been nesting big time all day.

And then it all just... stopped.
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39w Midwife Appointment [Jun. 29th, 2006|09:26 am]
(Again, this was Monday. :p My mom was awesome enough to drive me up and back, since it's just too much of a haul for me to do the almost 2 hours each way now.)


BP: 116/72
Weight: 178 (-2 from last week)
FH: 36cm (same as last week)
FHT: 140bpm
Urine: White blood cells, but no cause for worry :)

My questions this time were about labour, surprise surprise. First I asked if 24 hours of ruptured membranes would mean automatic transfer to the hospital. Happily enough, she said not as long as baby and I were doing fine! I said I had been a little nervous with things I had read about GBS and not doing antibiotics, so I will be TMI warningCollapse )

The second question was about when to call her. As soon as I know it's for real, I am supposed to call so she can start getting ready. If I'm not sure, it's okay to wait. (Especially if it happens in the middle of the night ;)

Baby was back on the left side, maybe a little bit too far. I think she may have corrected that since the appointment, though. (As a matter of fact, I think she had swung over to my right side for a little. I don't know how she has that much room left to move!) Based on my fundal height remaining the same and the soreness on my pubic bone when she palpated, she thinks baby is dropping!

My next appointment is Monday the 3rd at 1pm. ("Assuming [I] make it that long." HAHAHAHA... I'm getting to that "I'll be pregnant FOR-EV-ER" stage now.)
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