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40w6d - New prescription - Journal for Baby Firecracker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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40w6d - New prescription [Jul. 10th, 2006|08:48 pm]

BP: 118/86 (bit on the high side..)
Weight: 186 (+1 from last week, 46 total)
FH: 37cm (same as last week)
FHT: 150bpm
Urine: Mostly clear! Just a trace of blood

I had a good reassuring appointment today, and now I have a new "prescription" for the next two weeks. RELAX! ;) Peggy can attend me until 43 weeks (or later, but she said it's iffy after 43w) which really helped calm me. I thought I was on a much tighter deadline, but as long as baby and I are fine, it's a-ok!

We had the appointment in her hubby's office today, which had no curtains on the doors, so no internal exam. I'm pretty sure from my own checking that nothing's changed up there. My cervix is still somewhere in the vicinity of my throat, and while it's a bit dilated, I'm pretty sure it's still not much more than fingertip.

My options as far as natural induction were mostly with things I'm not comfortable using (castor oil, blue & black cohosh), and Peggy didn't push it at all. She said it's my body, so it's totally up to me and she understood not wanting to use the cohoshes in a VBAC. She did, however, send me home with a full kit and a half of homeopathic remedies. She said I could use the physical-type ones (which are the cohoshes, but not in the straight herbal form -- I'm okay with that :) or I could start with the emotional ones. I'm leaning towards the emotional ones first, because I can see where my anxiety may be making things a little difficult. For example, I can feel baby scooting her way into my pelvis sometimes, but it's only when I'm laying in the bed in the middle of the night. I figure that's probably when I'm the most relaxed. Unfortunately, the remedy that I think would be most useful isn't in there, so I'm looking to order that online. Interestingly enough, I just borrowed an entire book on homeopathy and pregnancy/childbirth/babies from a friend the other week. Also on the okay list for relaxing is a glass of wine in the evening, if I so desire.

Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong, so she's doing great in there! She still has a lot of room to move around in there, evidenced by the fact that she did a total 180 in my belly overnight. Since I'm still measuring the same as last week, she's not growing super-huge and she's still dipping down a little. My poor belly was SO sore when Peggy was palpating, though. She also said that the fluid levels felt good.

I've started reading Silent Knife since I figure I have a little more time to go. Seeing actual hard numbers about VBAC success rates and the increase in Cesareans in general has really helped me feel better about my chances for a VBAC.

I'm off to "relax" some more now! :) (No, no wine.. just hanging out and maybe playing some video games with Charles. My darling one on the outside decided to go to bed at 8:00 tonight, so I get plenty of "me time" this evening.)